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frequently asked questions

If you are interested in the IC-trace software solution, then, regardless of your country, please fill out your contact data below. We will send your request to the nearest partner or representative.

IC-trace is not intended to be an island solution. Investing in IC-trace should lead to a cost-efficient organization. We succeed to come to this point via an integrated solution.

Some examples:

1. When you have two stations for labelling and those are not connected to a central system, then at both stations you'll have to make changes for prices, barcodes, and other customer or article specific data. This leads to mistakes, dissatisfied clients, frustration, ...

2. When you have to meet traceability, while products from one department are moving to another or when mixing products to produce a new product, a lot of manual paperwork is to be done, even if you're using programs to help and support you with recipes. Using IC-trace you just have to follow procedures on the screen and use your recipes while traceability is done automatically.

Situation 1: Mostly it will be very useful. When this existing software has some features that also are covered by IC-trace, then it can be very helpful because the software will allow you to have a smooth integration and implementation with much less stress. Once IC-trace is fully operational, the features of the existing software would no longer be used.

Situation 2: If your current software is an accountancy software, then it's very useful to integrate this with IC-trace. IC-trace doesn't contain accountancy features. Most modern software packages have integration capabilities. In this case it is only a matter of investigation of documentation how to finalize the integration.

In theory all workfloor equipment (scales, scanners, printers, ...) that has an interface for a computer connection, can be used. Then it depends on the age of the device, the type of interface, the existence of support and the availability of technical documentation, if it is still useful to develop a software driver to connect and integrate the device. During the analyzing phase this will be investigated, device per device. Sometimes it will be cheaper and simple to replace it.

Without any problem. See contact page for more info on how to reach us.

In countries where we are active, we have our own staff or our partners have people at their disposal to support your organization.

Backstage we will always decide together and in cooperation with you as final client, how the project will be split into phases and how implementation and training will be planned.

Once the system is operational, first level support is given by our local representative in your local language. Depending the level of support you need, we will suggest to establish a secure communication via internet.

Practically all support can be given via remote connection, even updates of the system can mostly be performed this way.

Basically you have to deal with one party, our own local company. This company is responsible for its part of the project, such as hardware and IC-trace software. Backstage there is full support by the IC-trace development team.

How you want to pay is up to you. You can choose for a full payment after installation or for a monthly amount with a lease contract, or a mixture of a partly payment and a monthly amount.

You can ask your sales contact to make several calculations.

This question is not easy to answer because first the complexity and the scope of the project must be defined.

What we see is that IC-trace is affordable, for small companies as well as as for larger structures.