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cattle slaughterhouses

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Your company slaughters cows, bulls, horses, donkeys, ponies, sheeps, goats, buffaloes, camels, ostriches,... or other large animals. Possibly you will slaughter for your own meat production, possibly for third parties as a service.

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IC-trace solution

  • All features are depending the type of animal.
  • Registration of live animals based on ID cards of animals.
  • Integrated document scanning and automatic reading of barcodes of ID cards of animals.
  • If applicable: electronic data exchange with computer system of authorities (veterinary organisation live stock- to get approval for slaughtering.
  • BEEF: Automatic BSE recognition based on local rules: dependent age and birth country of animals. Data exchange with labo.
  • Optional: registrations at start of slaughterline ( sequence ). Printing labels for skin and/or organs.
  • If applicable: classification procedure at the end of the slaughterline.
  • Printing carcass labels.
  • Electronic data exchange via integrated e-mail about slaughter results with third parties: configurable: trader, customer, farmer,...
  • Purchase administration: animals - payments.
  • Invoicing of slaughter services.
  • Specific overviews and reports: statistics.