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Production of packed vegetables, honey, dairy products (cheese and others), fish products, meals, dry food, wine, flour, pastry, bread,...

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IC-trace solution

  • Raise efficiency by integration of workfloor procedures.
  • Reduce errors by working according our system rules.
  • Introduce perfect traceability.
  • Integration of all equipment leads to simplification.
  • Easy weighing and labelling products.
  • Easy management of content of labels.
  • Being ready for implementation of EDI communication.
  • Working according EU regulations.
  • Save time with less paperwork.
  • Introduce automatic electronic communication with clients.
  • Integrated stock management, especially for food products.
  • Simplify your expedition.
  • Seamless integration of workfloor activities with administration.
  • Integration with your existing accountancy or ERP system.
  • ...