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food trading

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Buys/sells products worldwide. The transit period takes approximately up to 12 weeks. During this period you want to start selling while maintaining control of the available stock. Goods can be delivered directly to a final client or to external or internal storage.

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IC-trace solution

  • Electronic data exchange (EDI) with suppliers: delivery & product data is available after moment of shipment.
  • Up to date stock ‘in transit‘ : sellable but not yet arrived.
  • Order reservation system: up-to-date available stock. At moment of arrival: fast and automatic reception of goods (1 scan).
  • Procedures for re-grouping different products.
  • Easy to use workfloor interface: touchscreen.
  • Combining batches.
  • Stock management / location / product / brand / ...
  • Weighing/labelling of products (touchscreen support).
  • Selling: expedition with scanning.
  • Price management (purchase and selling).
  • Document handling: orders, deliveries, transport, ...
  • Traceability according EU regulation (EU Food law).

specific features for traders

  • Handling of external barcodes.
  • Reservation system: keep accurate available stock / expiration date / batch / stock location / brand / conservation method, ...
  • System to keep track of extra costs: transport insurance, declaration, transport, ...