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poultry slaughterhouses

your business activities

Your company slaughters chickens or other types of poultry. Possibly you will slaughter for your own meat production, possibly for third parties as a service.

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IC-trace solution

  • Registration of live animals based on weighing of trucks (full & empty) with automatic creation of incoming register.
  • If useful: integrated document scanning of transport document and archiving combined with registration of live animals.
  • If applicable: electronic data exchange with computer system of authorities (veterinary organisation live stock) to get approval for slaughtering.
  • Procedure and equipment to count the number of poultry per truck with registration of the number of dead on arrival.
  • Counting system at the end of the slaughterline and automatic batch creation system for cutting area.
  • If applicable: electronic data exchange via integrated e-mail about slaughter results with third parties: configurable : trader , customer , farmer , …
  • If applicable: invoicing of slaughter services.
  • Specific overviews and reports concerning slaughtering of poultry: statistics.